About us

Our story:

The story began when we found that the customer’s experience while shopping for air conditioners does not enjoy comfort in both options availability of product details and cost based on quality, and this confusion in the number of products without the customer’s help is what is most suitable for him, which makes it difficult for him to purchase, and therefore we established an electronic degree platform With high efficiency and a long experience extends to 7 years to provide the customer with an ideal user experience to learn the features and details of air conditioners and compare them with other devices with ease.

Our Vision:

To be the first provider of electronic devices in the Middle East.

Our Mission:

To Provide an exceptional, enjoyable customer experience and many options for all electronic and electrical devices.

Our Values:

Innovation: We are constantly striving to improve an ideal user experience to enhance the loyalty of our customers.

Quality: We pay attention to the utmost minute and minor details of the products to ensure a better purchasing quality.

Commitment: We are committed to maintaining the care of our customers, providing them with exceptional service pre and after pre sales.

Our Competitive Advantages:

1- Providing all information and product details, allowing the customer to understand the appropriate product.

2- The option to compare with other products for easy and optimal decision-making.

3- Careful attention to installation services, including all additional and variable costs, which are often not taken into consideration.

4- Paying attention to after sales services and providing an enjoyable and frequent buying experience.

5- Providing a wide choice of air-conditioners.

6- Competitive prices.

Our products:

  • Electrical appliances
  • Air conditioners
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